2016. december 27., kedd

Külföldi szakfolyóiratok - Per Concordiam

Per Concordiam : Journal of European Security and Defense Issues
2016. 7. szám

A tartalomból:
- The complexities of Migration - Faculity overview by Dr. Carolyn Haggis and Dr. Petra Weyland, Marshall Center
- Refugees in Europe - Integrated asylum seekers - not freezing immigration - is critical to pre-empting conflict by Dr. Anne Hammerstadt

- A practitioner's solution for Europe's migration challenge - The European Union should appeal to its legal system to handle migration flows by Kostas Karagatsos
- Terrorism and Mass Migration - Violent extremists rarely emerge from the ranks of Europe's refugees by Dr. Sam Mullins, Marshall Center
- Alumni in Their Own Words - four Marshall Center alumni details how migration has impacted their countries by Ana Breben of Romania, Rear Adm, (Ret.) ; Ivica Tolic of Croatia, Maj. ; Bassem Shaaban of Lebanon, and Lt. Cmdr. Iljr Cobo of Albania (co-authored with Suard Alizoti)

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